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Mulberry Location

1323-A Mulberry Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36106
Tel: 334-264-1416
Fax: 334-264-1426

Gadsden Location:

825 West Meighan Boulevard
Gadsden, Alabama 35901
Tel: 256-467-4054
Fax: 256-467-4335

(Open 6 days in Gadsden Only - Closed Sundays)

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 7pm

Saturdays: 9a - 1pm


Parks Pharmacy, Inc. was established to provide patients with excellent pharmaceutical care with an attention to personal service and individual needs. Our goal is to reintroduce patients and employees to the benefits and the maintenance of independent pharmacies. With an emphasis on preventive medicine, health and wellness, our patients will receive the best care suitable for them in a caring environment.

Parks Pharmacy, Inc. is a fast growing corporation meeting the pharmaceutical needs of patients in rural and urban underserved communities. The corporation is implementing innovative service delivery methods while enhancing opportunities for patients to receive access to fee care and creating ownership opportunities for the next generation of independent pharmacists.

Utilizing the Novella Program, offering convenient services such as bill pay and Western Union and creating partnerships to establish a Pharmacist Employee Ownership Program gives Parks Pharmacy, Inc. a competitive edge over other pharmacies.

The reality in the United States is that the number of medically uninsured patients is increasing and with rising cost for necessities, he poverty rate is rising. By offering free and low costs programs to rural and urban underserved patients Parks Pharmacy, Inc. will be capturing a clientele base that may have needs that otherwise go unmet.

This is a corporation with an innovative owner, who is an entrepreneur that would like to expand and create opportunities for those in her own community and inspire other pharmacists to give back and assist populations in order to increase healthy living options with information and access to care.


Parks Pharmacy, Inc. opened in 2007 and has two locations thus far. The owner, Demetrius Parks, was also the owner of D&K Pharmacy, Inc. and other privately owner projects. She has a successful history as an entrepreneur. She has learned over the years that in addition to providing patients with excellent care that if their other basic needs are met while they wait, they will have a better experience. In order to meet those needs Parks Pharmacy, Inc. also offers convenient services such as bill pay, Western Union and Money Orders.

Most important strengths and core competencies: This corporation will succeed because the Pharmacists who run the stores will also have a vested interest in the success of the stores if they are to assume ownership within three years; offering ownership and special prescription programs for patients will insure that the quality of service is maintained and that an active clientele base is established and maintained.

Significant challenges the company faces now and in the future: Because the needs are so great in many underserved communities, Parks Pharmacy, Inc. will be expanding rapidly over the next three years. This expansion will allow Parks Pharmacy to honor its partnership agreements and get the pharmaceutical needs of the underserved met. Additional capital secured for expansion and growth will be repaid through profits from pharmacies maintained by the corporation.

Long Term: Parks Pharmacy, Inc. will be comprised of 10 stores over the next three years. This number will allow the corporation to expand services in underserved areas and provide the opportunities necessary for the Pharmacists/Entrepreneurs who participate in the employee ownership program. It will also allow training opportunities for the next generation of pharmacists.